Revolution Makeup – Golden Sugar 2 Highlighter Pallette Review 

Revolution Makeup – Golden Sugar 2 Highlighter Pallette Review 

Hello beauties! As promised I am actually doing reviews for the makeup I buy! Can you believe I’m being so organised?! I know I’ve had this one for aaages but I wanted to give it a really thorough testing before I reviewed it… its not just because I’m lazy… 

Anyway! On to said review. This. Pallette. Is. The. Tits. Honestly. It cost me something like £6.00 from Superdrug and it’s amazing. I mean I have  Euphoric Strobe Light by Hourglass and this high street pallette beats it by a mile. 

As you can see the depth of colour is amazing. They’re so rich and pigmented and they honestly apply so beautifully. I tend to go for the pale gold most often for highlighter but I’ve used many of the other colours as eye shadow because the colour pay off is outstanding. I use the two matte colours together with a dab of the deep pink for blush and it’s such a lovely versatile look. 

I had a lot of trouble getting a good picture to show how pigmented they are. I only have my phone camera so it really doesn’t do them justice. They last all day and you can make them as subtle or as eye catching as you like. I really can’t say enough about this pallette or this brand. I mean it’s just so affordable. Usually when makeup is this cheap it’s utter garbage but the two palettes I’ve had from this range have been excellent. It honestly takes all my will power not to just buy everything Revolution have. 

So that’s my review and if you live in England I would seriously recommend getting at least one thing from this range. You won’t be disappointed. Love and kisses. 

Kylie Lip Kit in Koko K Review 

Kylie Lip Kit in Koko K Review 

Hi beauts! I’ve got a lovely little makeup review for you today! The Kylie Lip kit in Koko K dahhhling.

So, onto the good stuff. I like this lipstick well enough but I’m honestly not dazzled by it. The shade is very pretty all be it a little darker than I was expecting. The actual liquid lipstick goes on smoothly and has a very strong vanilla smell which I personally don’t mind. However it does get a little crumbly once you start to eat or drink so there really isn’t much staying power in the center of the lips. The edges will be slaying but everyone knows the middle is the best bit of anything! 

It was honestly the lip liner I liked most out of the lip kit. Its so smooth and buttery it really does glide onto your lips beautifully. BUT! When I went to use the lip liner on the day I took the above photograph, it was a little dull. OK no worries I just need to sharpen it a little. I kept trying I really did. But the lip liner was simply crumbling away. It was like the makeup was years old and had completely passed it’s sell by date. Bear in mind I’ve only had this a few months! 

Overall I’m not overly impressed but I will admit I’m probably going to try other colours because apparently I’m a masochist. Anyone else tried the lip kits? Were you impressed? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll leave you with another look at the lipstick which really is a nice shade. 

You slippery bitch… 

You slippery bitch… 

Right. Rant ensuing. Any of you lovely makeup lovers struggle, as I do with oily skin? Because I am God damn sick of it. I guess my skin can technically be counted as combination since I do get some dry patches, but mostly it’s just oily. I’ve tried everything. At the moment I’m using Magical Moringa from Lush as moisteriser/primer. I’ve used a plethora of face washes and cleansers. I always have a Lush face mask in the fridge. All my foundation is designed for oily skin. I’ve tried witch hazel gel, toners, using primers and not using primers, blotting paper, a number of powders and still I continue to suffer from oily skin. 

Its a nightmare for a makeup loving girl. My foundation will become greasy and slippy in a matter of 2 hours. It kind of unsets and moves around my face. I can touch my face and come away with liquid foundation on my finger, as though it was straight from the bottle, despite having set it with powder. I obviously hate this. When I spend a lot of time doing my makeup I want it to last longer than 45 minutes! 

Whether this is to do with my combination skin or not I’m not sure, but I also have a problem with my foundation looking flawless and high coverage. No matter which foundation I use, my face is never completely full coverage. A red patch here, a blemish showing through there, pigmentation across the forehead etc. Its maddening. And yes I have Estee Lauder Double Wear. It does nothing. 

Any advice for this patchy, oily extremely frustrated girl? Pleeeease let me know. I need help. Loves and kisses. 

Rapunzel, Rapunzel… 

Rapunzel, Rapunzel… 

So I don’t know if you guys know this about me, but I love long hair. Like, when I see a girl with long, shiny, thick hair my eyes turn into little hearts and I have to fight the urge to touch her hair and ask what shampoo she uses. I’m not crazy, just jealous. Therefore I have purchased the above pictured vitamins in a bid to grow crazy long hair. Let me explain a little. 

When I was a teenager I had A LOT of hair. It was thick, it was long, it curled itself naturally into beautiful soft tresses. It was Disney hair basically. For example. 

Not a great photo but you get the gist. Beautiful hair. And it annoyed the crap out of me, cause it was so thick that it wouldn’t lie flat and I was sat in the hairdressers for three hours. Its always the same isn’t it? You’re young and vapid and don’t appreciate anything, no matter how many times your mother tells you to ‘appreciate it now, before you’re older!’ But you don’t because you’re 18 and your hair is too thick and you’re fat and everything’s a tragedy! Cut to seven years later and now you actually are fat and your hair is thin and knotty and everything actually, genuinely is a tragedy. I’d give anything to be as slim as I was when I was 18 and thought I was huge. And I really miss my Disney hair. 

It all went down hill when I had my hair stripped about four years ago so I could go blonde. It ruined my hair. It literally all fell out. Before that happened I was lucky to get my ponytail into a hair tie without it snapping. After the stripping, there was barely enough to get into a hair grip, never mind a bobble. It was short, like to the top of my shoulders short. It was dry and brittle and soooo thin. It was a travesty. But I took care of it, I loved it, stopped dying it and it slooooowly got back most of its former glory. This is my hair now. 

It’s gotten most of its length back, reaching down to the middle of my chest, but for me it still hasn’t got back its thickness or its vitality. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fairly thick, nothing to be sniffed at, I just want it so much thicker. Its also not nearly as strong or healthy as I’d like it. My hair still falls out a lot, seemingly a lot more than is normal and no matter what products I use it always seems to be weak and dry. Whether this is from the stripping damage or just from getting older I’m not sure. 

So I’m hoping these vitamins will change that. I was taking regular biotin before which seriously helped a lot, but I was on the lowest dose. If the lowest dose can do so much for my hair I can’t wait to see what the highest strength can do. I like that it has added coconut oil too as that’s good for just about everything.  I’ll let you know how I’m getting on and whether they work. I got these pills from Puretality on Amazon if anyone is interested in getting some. Kisses. 

Makeup Madness 

Makeup Madness 

Good morning loves! I thought I’d give you guys a look at some of the new makeup I’ve acquired recently and there is a fair amount. Obviously it wS my birthday this month so most of it was purchased with reckless, happy birthday abandon. Enjoy! 

Now as you can see from the above photo I have in my possession the illustrious Moonchild Glow Kit from Anastasia Beverly Hills. My sister got me this for my birthday and I was sooo surprised as when she asked me what I wanted (and I requested this pallette) she said it was a bit too pricey. So I instead picked a new purse which she also got me. I was admiring the purse and then she came I’m with the Moonchild and I was over the moon (pun intended!)

Just look how pretty! The colours are crazy and unicorn-esque and I can’t wait to play about with them. I’ll post reviews and swatches of everything I show you here once I’ve had time to properly test them. By the way if anyone can recommend a good highlighter brush I’m on the look out. 

I spent the day at the Metro Centre with my mother to gleefully spend some of my birthday money and this is one of my purchases. Its pretty difficult to get your hands on Mac in England especially when you live in a small town, so I was there for quite a while, deliberating. I had also bought a Mac Pro Longwear concealer, which the girl matched to me in store. Unfortunately when I got home and tried it myself it was too dark, which was slightly rage inducing. It did fit my mams shade perfectly though so it got re-homed. 

Now I loooove Macs lipsticks, especially the matte ones. I’ve quite a collection of them now. I went for pink plaid, which is a lovely rosey/nudey pink that’s not too girly and very wearable.

Let’s keep the lipstick theme going shall we. This one is Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick in the shade Rock n Roll Nude. So I was reading Cosmo (as you do) and the beauty editor mentioned she was obsessed with this lipstick, stating it will make you look like Bridget Bardot. So I thought I’d give it a go. It. Is. Beautiful. It really is a gorgeous nude and makes your lips look so pillowy. And it really does last. Rimmel is crazy affordable too, I got this on offer for less than £5.00 Amazing right? 

This is a bit of a boring one but we all need mascara right? I firmly believe that mascara is one of those makeup products that you really don’t need to go high end on. Don’t get me wrong, there are some expensive mascaras that I love (hello Lancome Hypnose) but I also like this one too and it’s a fraction of the price. Most mascara formulas are basically the same, no matter the brand and in my opinion it’s all about the brush anyway. This gives a lot of length and really separates the lashes. There’s no clumping here. The only thing I always find lacking in most mascaras is getting any thickness as I have fine lashes. If anyone has any recommendations please comment! 

Wait till you see the colours on this bad bitch. 

I could not believe my eyes when I saw this on Superdrug. I’ve never even came across this brand before. I’m pretty sure it’s exclusive to Superdrug so that could be the reason – I’m a Boots girl through and through. And the brand is so cheap. This whole palette was £6.00 *shocked face*

This is the Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold Blush palette by Makeup Revolution and it’s divine. Honestly the colours are so pigmented and bright. I don’t think I’ll be able to use most of them as blusher, I’d be seen from space! This is definitely a highlighter kit for me. I used it the first night I got it on my eyes also and it makes lovely eyeshadow. A full review will be forthcoming. But seriously. If your English get your cute butt to Superdrug and check this brand out. There are so many other blush palettes too, I had the hardest time picking between them. Next payday my pretties.

A few eye products for you. The Autograph eyeshadow stick is like silver highlighter in creme form. Its super pigmented and brilliant for the inner corner of your eye and to highlight your cupids bow. I haven’t played around with it much yet but as with everything I will do a review. 

I’ve wanted to try Nyx for so long but it was never here in England until recently. My local Boots suddenly had a huge Nyx counter with everything on it. Now I always have my trusty Urban Decays eyeshadow primer, so I didn’t really need this for priming. I wanted a good white base for certain eyeshadow looks and picked this up on a whim. I’ll let you know how it goes. 

Last but not least are the most beautiful makeup brushes I have ever seen. And do you know where they came from? Wilkos! Of all God damn places they came from a house ware shop. They are really good too. The powder brush is soooo soft and the handles are made of some sort of dense, soft rubber. They’re gorgeous. 

Anyway that has been my ridiculously long makeup post. If you made it to here I commend you for your perseverance. Kisses. 

Beauty Blender Review

Beauty Blender Review

So I finally, finally got a Beauty Blender! I’ve had it about two weeks now and used it a fair few times and figured it was time for a review! 

Now I’ve got to say I’m pretty in love with the little guy. I’ve had a Real Techniques Miracle Sponge for a while and I’ve always liked it a fair amount but no more so than any brushes I use. However, for some reason I’ve never used the Real Techniques Sponge wet so maybe that’s why… anyway I used the Beauty Blender in its damp form from the get go, mostly because it’s so small when it’s dry that I would have been dabbing away for hours! 

In its damp state the blender gets much bigger and applies foundation so beautifully. There’s minimum patchiness and no streaking of any kind. I also love how it blurs my pores which I often have trouble with. The other thing I like about it is the coolness of the wet blender, especially on a morning when my eyes are little sore and puffy. The water in the sponge feels really refreshing. 

If you haven’t got a Beauty Blender I would definitely recommend one. I mean yes they are a little pricy, and even with proper care the sponge can only be stretched to about 6 months but is it really too much to ask for a flawless base? Looks inside yourself. You know the answer. Kisses. 

Birthday Fun 

Birthday Fun 

I turned 25 this month… weep, weep for your fallen sister! I am now officially in my mid twenties! *Jim Carey style wretching.* 

In all honesty, even though I hate getting older it was a brilliant birthday. I went for food with my boyfriend and family, had a raging night out wherein I was the best, happiest kind of sozzled and then spent all my money on books and makeup! Bitchin’ right? So let me tell you all about it. To start with my boyfriend got me to coolest, geekiest gifts imaginable and he did it all himself! He usually never has the confidence to pick gifts for me, but he did so well. 

The Inheritance Cycle, a spell book journal and a letter opener in the shape of Godric Gryffindor’s sword. I mean come on. That’s true love right there. I love this book series it’s the best and I did have all the books but most of them have been misplaced over time and several house moves, so having the full set is brilliant. The sword is just so cool. I love Harry Potter  (mainly the books) and stupidly enough I’m awful at opening letters. (How can you be bad at opening letters?!) So this is the perfect gift for me. Also if a burglar comes in I reckon it would smart a little having a baby sword stuck in your gut. 

We then proceeded to have lunch with my mother and sister which was nice. I didn’t get many photos except one of my beautiful mother and some cocktails she was making friends with. 

Then came the night out! It was the first time I’d had my friends over for a drink and I was so ready. There was copious amounts of alcohol, a lot of drunk screechi-singing and I did everyone’s makeup.  Naturally. 

My beautiful friends. We went to junior school together. Secondary and college and we still to this day have nights out dancing. I love them. Finally, I’ll leave you with a very dark and grainy and slightly drunk photo of my makeup for the night! 

Lipstick used was Mac Sin so it was actually darker than this but it had faded a bit by this point due to being pressed vigorously against several glasses of cheeky vimto. Foundation was Clarins Everlasting and I also used my Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit along with Nars Deepthroat for blush. Eyeshadows are a mixture of Morphe 350p palette and some Sleek eyeshadow pallette to apply the gold.  Anyway hope you enjoyed the post about my birthday cos I certainly enjoyed the day! Kisses.